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Tractor pulls planter in field, background shows sun setting on the horizon.

The world depends on you.
You can depend on us.


COVID-19 Response: Serving the ones who keep the world running

John Deere is with you during these unprecedented times. We’re committed to safeguarding our employees while continuing to provide vital support to our customers, those whose efforts keep food on table, a roof over head, and all of us connected.

These objectives are immensely important to us during normal times. They are vital today.

A smiling man on a John Deere lawn mower.

We All Run Together

Right now, it feels like the world is standing still. But if you look to the land, it’s a different story. Discover the stories of six Deere owners who are still giving their all to the soil because the land never stops.

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Man highlighting financial reports with laptop on desk nearby.

John Deere Financial customers:

If you or someone you know requires assistance due to the COVID-19 outbreak, please call John Deere Financial at 800-325-0130 or go to MyJohnDeere.com to take advantage of online tools.

Hand holding mobile device.  On screen display shows a man riding a lawn mower and the yellow button says 'Add to Cart'.  Green John&amp;nbsp;Deere logo hat in the background.

Buy Online and Get Free Delivery

On Select Models for a Limited Time

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Two Gator UVs and two compact tractors parked on grass with a pond in the background.

90 Days No Payment and No Interest on select Gator? UVs3 and Tractors1 & Free Delivery (up to $100)2 on select Tractors.

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An X370 parked on grass with trees in the background.

Run with Us on an X300 Series Lawn Mower

Save $300 on select X300 models.

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Overhead picture of a John Deere wheeled forestry harvester working in the woods

Game Plan

Succeeding in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan demands smart production planning. See how Sanville Logging uses technology to help improve efficiency.

Jerry Miller Jr.

Deere Team Produces Face Shields for Healthcare Workers

"This is kind of like our Rosie the Riveter moment," said UAW production worker Jerry Miller Jr., who normally builds planters.

Two Clarke workers standing next to a Clarke engine

Clarke Fire Answers the Call

Clark Fire Protection Products and John Deere's combined diligence to respond to real-time needs helped ensure on-time delivery of a pump unit to a temporary hospital site in Stony Brook, New York.

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